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What would we be without our phone?

Our phone has become part of a daily routine and is your gateway to the world.

So why be satisfied with an ordinary old fashioned phone at work when you have a smartphone in your pocket? We provide the latest in telephone technologies. The new standard is VOIP and we are specialized in advanced and complex VOIP systems.

Our latest VOIP PBX brings you the ability to let your phone communicate with your computer and vice versa. Just imagine, a customer calls you and your computer displays all his data in an instant. You can verify the availability of all your co-workers in the blink of an eye! That's what we call CTI. Computer Telephone Integration.

Don't let your phone installation hold you back, step in to the future today and lets us explain to you what you gain in possibilities and save in expenses!!

yes it's true!! We also save you tons of money when you update your phone system. On average a regular client saves about 50% to 92% in costs!!

Got curious? Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote and advise. If you're a hotel, embassy or school, it doensn't matter!! Don't wasted money, get smart.

Get inspired by ITCARE.

Did you know we even lease out call centers on a daily basis? So if you need a call center for a week or a year. No need to buy, you can rent a working solution tomorrow. From 10 to 50 attendees always available.

Call or mail us for more information. is part of Xantros Netherlands.