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Security is a big issue! If you own a hotel, bank, company or you are just concerned about your personal security. We can handle it all.

We provide advanced security systems for camera surveilance with motion control upto alarm systems with biometric controls and panic triggers.

Our camera systems can handle up to 256 camera's in one setup. All camera's can be remotely controlled with PTZ motions. with or without controlroom. With or without internet acces to view the camera's images from another location. The camera's can even be setup as motion detectors and start recording when a motion is detected, or record continously. Your choice.

You work with a lot of cash? Then you might need a panic button connected to a police station for swift response. We take security seriously!

Don't feel safe at home? At work? Need a CCTV? Follow up on your employees? We can help. There is a solution for every situation. Don't hesitate contact us now. We are here to help you feel safe again! is part of Xantros Netherlands.